Our mission

Friendly Eyes teaches people how to develop mental strength through kindness with the use of concentration and meditation techniques, so that we all can create a better world together.

Our story

Friendly Eyes is a hands-on philosophy created by Jackie Reardon, integrating her knowledge of high performance training with meditation and concentration techniques.

In 2005 Jackie co-wrote Mindset, a mental guide for sport and 8 years later Mindset, in Daily Life with novelist Hans Dekkers. From 2009 until 2017, together with Jacquline van Meyel, ‘The Mindset’  training organisation was established. It operated internationally, both in sport and the corporate sector. The online platform is based on all of these many experiences and trainings. Today Jackie advises ‘new’ leaders, world-class stage performers and professional athletes.

Isolating universal knowledge and sharing it only with elite performers and those who can afford it felt detrimental to what Friendly Eyes stands for. That is why Jackie decided to build an online platform together with Ed Wrede a technology expert. Ed had followed Mindset training in Johannesburg for 5 years. It was clear that Ed understood what developing mental strength through kindness could mean for himself and others. He quit his safe, well paid job to start his own technology company Empire State, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He saw how he too could influence the lives of others by choosing to work with people and take on assignments that resonated with his true values.

Ed’s company helped to set up the Digital Academy. This is a six month long program that teaches young jobless South Africans how to write code, 80% of those who participated found a job within one year. One of the students who graduated from the Digital Academy was Rodrigue Tusse. Under Ed’s loving guidance he is now, next to his full time corporate job, our word press and coding expert. #friendlyeyeworks and thank you Rod.

Since 2008 Evelyne Dullens has been Jackie’s right hand. She has been a pillar of strength during the creation of Friendly Eyes. Our thanks go out to her for her ongoing professional and kind support.

Jackie and Ed